8 May 2017

Passion, Presentation and Price

Passion, Presentation and Price when deciding a restaurant become key decision makers and I believe that I have found a place that ticks all boxes.  As foodies, we are all guilty of assuming that the best food experiences you can have would be in a capital city.  But in this case you would be wrong, as was I.  I mean I haven't been to all restaurants in London but I can safely say that Broadway Casino restaurant in Birmingham is in my opinion one of the best Italian food restaurants I have ever been and I have been to Rome and Milan.

The food was authentic, the ingredients were sourced in Italy and transported to Birmingham and the key to its success is down to the impeccable service delivered by all staff members especially Mr Roberto Santolamazza and of course the chef  Stefano Gigante from Rome.   Everyone has been guilty at least one point in there lives of saying "if this what in London (or the city you live) I would go there all the time" and this restaurant and the actual Casino would make you want to!

Also when in a Casino you want to be able to place a few bets and with the coordination of the lovely Shelley Barnes (Events manager) and Vicky Cox (gaming manager) this was a reality for us.  We were given our own area and allowed to do this; roulette was the game (obviously it was a friendly game no actual loses or gains were made) but we had a go at spinning the ball and placing a few bets with the chips. We decided taking pictures to show you what the broadway Casino had to offer was more important and also complying with the gaming regulations.... Also me and Sian didn't feel that lucky.  Overall the facilities of the Casino were amazing, modern and clean the Manhattan bar was and ideal place to watch a match or go on a first date.  Once again staff were amazing and we had a lovely glass of prosecco at the bar and then moved over to the fire! This was a beautiful area with comfy sofas I can imagine in the winter sitting there with a glass of whiskey watching Arsenal loose (the team I support). At least I would be happy with the place that I was watching the match.

After this, we went over to the restaurant again it was clean modern and this is when we spoke to Roberto again and he was very confident and charming.  The host with the most I would say, in a very good way.  Nothing was an issue for him, he was very helpful and explained the history of the restaurant and from that point you could see that he had a passion for what he was doing and from that point I knew this would be a bountiful experience.  Fresh ingredients and an authentic cooking style was all shown in the food.  The knowledge of the chef was impeccable the combinations of the food available was like he could make a meal out of absolutely anything and it would still rival Michelin star restaurant.

But before we talk about the food were were given the most amazing cocktail called the 'Punto" first time in my life I have ever had it, a combination of Martini's and a special little extra (secret) that probably made all the difference but Roberto wasn't at liberty to say which was understandable.  A maraschino cherry from Fabbri to garnish.  The flavour was delicious and opened up my appetite, it was fresh and sweet but not unbearable like some of the cocktails I've tastes recently.  This was perfect and would have everything you would want in a cocktail.

So now this is where we get to the most important part, the food.  For a starter we had Antipasto Misto which is a selection of cold meats it consisted of Parma Ham (San Daniele), Bresaola, Spianata Calabrese, Mortadella (from Bologna) and grilled artichokes with Pane Di Altamura (bread originated from Puglia) and lastly Mozzarella Burrata (from Bologna).  I cannot stress to you enough the quality of these ingredients each meat tasted wonderful and the Mozzarella was the best I have ever tasted, it was creamy and fresh and complimented the meat, each bite that I took felt better each time it took me back to Italy.  I love these types of cold meats and I eat the regularly but I have not tasted any like this, Roberto did speak about his supplier and that he was responsible of supplying the restaurant with these quality ingredients and that they were sourced from different parts of Italy and they were checked for quality by him and his team before appearing on the menu.  I have to say it was fantastic and I couldn't fault it.  I don't really enjoy artichokes but with the meat and the cheese it all combined fantastically.

The main course was just as amazing as the starter, I had the Fillet steak Rossini.  This steak was cooked perfectly moist in the centre and the taste was seasoned to perfection.  The sauce was a Madeira wine reduction.  But not only that, the fillet steak was topped with a chicken pate and it was laying on a bed of Pane di Altamura.  Each element was perfectly placed and the taste was rich and satisfying.  The main course of my girlfriend was not on the menu but Roberto suggested it and it never disappointed.  Pollo Ripieno, this was a chicken breast stuffed with goats cheese and spinach.  Also served with a delicious cream of paprika sauce.  I only had a little taste but it was lovely the paprika sauce complimented the dish perfectly and the cheese was light and fresh.  Both dishes were served with a selection of steamed vegetables and potatoes.

The wine that was served was from Roberto's private collection and I can say it was lovely, it was perfectly weighted in terms of strength it was called Ripasso Della Valpolicella.  It was smooth and each slip tasted better than the last,  this leads nicely to the dessert. Cannoli Sicilian and it was served with pistachio ice cream from Bronte Sicily.  This dessert was perfectly balanced in terms of sweetness, the ice cream was refreshing and gave it extra dimensions.  The ice cream was creamy and the pistachio from what I was told was from a region of Italy that specialised in its production.  The quality of ingredients once again made the meal stand out and to be honest it would surprise me if one point in the near future it would gain a Michelin star and from speaking with the chef this is an aim of his which can only mean that the quality will remain at its highest.  But the attention to detail I must admit surprised me the last drink I had the digestive was Grappa Amarone and this drink isn't for the fain hearted and I ordered an expresso alongside it the malt was matured for 36 months and you could tell, it was served with a lovely chocolate which is especially selected with each and every drink.  I have to say by the time I left that drink lifted my sprits and the journey home felt like 5 minutes.

The restaurant overall exceeded my expectations in every department and I couldn't of asked for more.  Every part of the Broadway Casino seemed planned out with the most upmost care.  If i was able to aware Michelin starts I would have definitely awarded one to this restaurant.  This is a must if you ever go to Birmingham or if you live locally.  It is affordable luxury in all its forms.  I am very harsh with my marking but I would give this establishment the full 5 out of 5.  I will go back and I am sure the quality will remain.                         


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