4 May 2017

Just Eat Local Curry House and EE Combo

The night in with the girlfriend has become a tradition amongst most younger couples for a while now, trying to take Netflix and chill to another more accepted level.  I feel the fancy restaurants after a while of dating someone loose their importance within a relationship.  I'm not saying they are unimportant but on occasion I feel they hold more value.  I feel ordering in has become more acceptable (once you become "official") hate that term but I feel its the most appropriate.  The work and life balance I feel has become a constant battle and when the tiredness takes control this also takes a little of the stress out of date night.       

With help from companies it can only mean you do it more often "the order in date night",  thanks to EE (25% off) and Just Eat (20% off) for this chance to order in and not worry too much about cost.  Trying new things is very important to any relationship not only food :-) but a meal and a homemade cocktail can only help the situation.   

The cocktail was decided before the type of food we would eat, always the case! A strong quick to prepare Amaretto Sour:


Amaretto (two double shots)
Lemons (2-3) dependant on your individual taste
Egg white (just one)
Brown sugar  (2 tea spoons)

All ingredients can be found in Sainsbury's 

First step to making the worlds greatest cocktail is to get the most accurate measurements you possibly can for the people you are making the cocktails for.  I enjoy the stronger tastes that's why I tend to put a little more measures in terms of alcohol.  I also prefer to make a huge batch so then I can spend the rest of the night enjoying myself!   

The first actual step is to juice the lemons, good tip is to roll them out with your hands before you cut them.  This makes it easier to juice so I have been told.  I like sour drinks to actually be sour so I use quite a bit of lemon.  But obviously cater for your own taste.   Use a juicer to help you if you have one, if not a fork and some force will also do the trick.     

After you must separate the egg white, make sure no yoke is sneaking its way in. I just put the egg white directly in the cocktail shaker and then add the lemon juice.  If you find it to be too strong put some soda water or lemonade in with it, but make sure its been out for a little while so you do cause a mini explosion!  Almost forgot to add the most valuable ingredient the amaretto as I said before, be generous.  It is sweet alcohol so make sure you have a good balance, you then don't want to put too much sugar as the calories will bring a tear to your eye.  

Then add the sugar and some ice and shake again, the more you shake it will make sure that the egg white and the lemon juice is mixed throughly, you don't want a droopy consistency... Make sure it's cold add more ice if you need.  Then finally pour into your favourite glass and drink the heavenly nectar from the gods.   

Look at those heads!!  Looks like a beer on a summers day!  

This was just before the food came so we had to drink these babies while eating the curry.  Probably avoid that if you can.

The Order:

Plain poppadom
Spicy poppadom
Chicken samosa 
Vegetable samosa 
Butter chicken
Pilau rice x 2
Onion Bhaji

Total: £36.00 (without the discounts) 
Total paid: £22.10 

The meal arrived and I was reunited with my long lost madras, that's how it felt.  It was a little late but what I can say is that we were informed and we still carried out the order.  To be honest it was Saturday night and it was obviously busy which is a good sign, we would have been wary if I got the order in 40 minutes or under. The restaurant I ordered from was Woondal, I decided on this place because I had never brought from them before and the double discount helped! The reviews were also very good so I had high expectations.  

The rice was cooked fantastically exactly to my taste, they also added little drops of food colouring into the rice which gave it a nice little extra touch.  I feel that the rice could have done with a little salt but I can't help but feel like Woondal was doing me a favour and looking after my well being.  The curry was nice I feel like the spices complimented each other well the meat was well cooked and the quality was good.  There were not fatty bits in my curry witch I liked.  I feel that the madras was tasty but i feel there was something missing.  I do like a bit of spice but i feel like the rice overpowered the dish a little.  The rice was meant to soak up the taste of the curry but I don't feel it did that well enough.    

Siana's butter chicken in her words was "amazing" because it tasted nice and thought was taken into making the food.  It tasted fresh and there was no complaints her end and I would have to agree with her the food did taste fresh and authentically cooked.  

The starters for me were very nice but my girlfriend didn't enjoy them as much as me because her butter chicken stole the show in her eyes and the starters couldn't match up with that. I feel the opposite way.  The onion bhaji was cooked well and was not greasy and dipped in the accompanying sauce took it to another level.  The samosa were quite average they weren't crispy enough for me but the taste of the filling was nice.  The roti and the poppadoms were made well my favourite was the spicy poppadom as it gave my curry that extra kick it needed.       

Overall I would give Woondal 3.5 out of 5, just above average.  I would definitely order from them again but maybe I would order something for the chefs recommendations.  This might push it to a higher rating but for me a good little takeaway.  

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