24 May 2017

Food, Cocktails and Brick

Food, Cocktails and Brick

Brick & Liquor has a lot to offer; they are a neighbourhood bar and that is clear to be seen as the staff are really friendly and seem to know all their regulars. The cocktails are unique  and use homemade ingredients; and they have a delicious food menu which is ideal for sharing. But if you similar to me and tend not to share much then it's best to order your own and the fact it was delicious, my poor girlfriend didn't stand a chance for it to be 50/50.  More like 70/30...

The ambience was amazing it was busy yet we felt as if everyone was accounted for, Shane the assistant manager was very welcoming and put us at ease right from the start which is always a bonus.  We were then introduced to the owner David who is very passionate about his business and his brand and has done a lot of research and this is clearly seen as the decor and the smallest touches had been clearly thought out.  Even the menus had an amazing extra as they graded the cocktails in taste which was a bonus when you are as indecisive as me and Sian! 

The first batch of cocktails we ordered were very tasty.  I was very happy with my salted caramel old fashioned, it was unique in the sense that the balance of flavour between the sweet and sour was perfect and this is quite difficult to do so I must give credit where it is due.  The quality of ingredients shone through, the bourbon used was of the highest quality and I'm a whiskey drinker so that must tell you something! I have to say that the cocktail took me back to Christmas beside a fireplace in a state of complete relaxation.  The lemon juice and the contrast between the salted caramel syrup made this drink my favourite of the night.

This opened my appetite and what to come was just as amazing, the menu was well thought out and had lots of table favourites.  Sharing platters and individual plates.  We picked a few dishes chicken lollipops in the special Havana 7 marinade which had lots of flavours. Also the sweet potato fries  which were cooked perfectly.  We also got a portion of chorizo & Mozzarella Arancini crumbed risotto croquettes, stuffed with mozzarella and chorizo, served with a white truffle mayo.  These were amazing and they surprised me a little because they remain quite moist in the middle and the cheese was tasty and dipped in the truffle mayo it gave it another dimension.

This lead to the Succulent baby back ribs glazed in the secret Brick & Liquor rum and coke glaze. This was sweet but not overpowering and was different but in a good way, the glaze kept the food moist so it wasn't dried out.  This made it easy to eat and the meat fell off the bone very easily.   I also felt peckish after a another cocktail so later on in the night I had Pincho Moruno Skewers Tender lamb skewers in a lightly spiced Moroccan marinade.  They were cooked perfectly for my taste but remember to specify before you order as Sian doesn't really like food medium but I do, so I was lucky. 

 So at one point I was taken to the bar to become a fully pledged member of staff for about 10 minutes, I was taught how to make a cocktail step by step.  This is quite cool feature for a first date show off you skills or just have a laugh.  Everything was explained in an expert fashion and to be honest it was fun and was good to be back behind the bar again. 

This was the final outcome of my cocktail I say it was mine but it was for Sian but created by my caring hands. The clover club I had a little taste and it was amazing not just saying that because I made it.   I decided to have salted caramel old fashioned which was topped off with a piece of brownie and was made by the expert hands of the actual bar tender.

Over all I would give Brick & Liquor 3.5 out of 5, it was a nice place near a station so had location on its side.  It is very local if you live in the South West of London, and if I was in Tooting again I would go back for a drink and some more ribs.  I did love the decor and the service. David the owner is very proud of his business and it is clear to see from his passion, he is a very good host and is able to put everyone at ease and that for me is a good selling point as well as the staff.  That's not even taking into account the quality cocktails and food which is a big bonus.

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