21 Apr 2017


The beginning and end result of my transformation into a new modern man, metrosexual's beware a new alpha male is in the same green pastures as you to claim what is his. Okay bit dramatic but it's the feeling you get when you feel pampered and sexy.  This is the step by step process from a beast into a man. 

A 50% off voucher promoted me to research into this beautifully crafted establishment.  A reason for most things I do in life is a nice discount voucher (from boohoo, thank you guys)!  But a special thanks has to go to the part owner of Porters, Mr Ali! A very experienced and passionate barber who has in fact taught his trade to many others.  This requires respect with the upmost, as a teacher myself it is so important to pass on knowledge and he did so with a master class and that was clear to be seen.  

The initial conversation was me disclosing the fact my hair was destroyed completely using thinning scissors by my pervious barber who shall NOT be named!!! As a Portuguese male I have been blessed with THICK hair and thinning scissors at the top of my head is a disaster to say the least, enough of my rant let us move on in a positive manner.  

Ali gave me tips on how to manage my unmanageable hair.  A nice undercut and skin fade.  I was very confident that he was able to fix my hair so gave him no instructions.... I know very unnerving but the only thing I said was no bleach (for now anyway)!

To say the least Ali takes pride in his work and his business, a new store opening in Brixton in May sometime (which will be my local) and he explain that it will be a very expressive store and maybe the most in terms of elaborate haircuts.  

The interior design of the Clapham branch takes me back to an old vintage barbers, I felt very at home not sure if it was Ali's calming nature or the complimentary beer on arrival.  It did feel like a family business and even the staff helping out a person who came in and asked for sugar! Top establishment. 

The start of the cut throat shave which was in fact was my first if I remember correctly.  I did teach in Thailand for a while and may have got one there but for argument reasons; the first one in the UK!

I felt comfortable from the outset and allowed Ali full control, I was just fed up of looking a little homeless. The products used to action out this cut throat shave were of superior quality and I could tell. 

The entire process was professional, all the small details from the hot towel to the small massage were amazing!  At no moment did I feel rushed, I arrived early and the store was quite busy yet I felt valued at every single stage.  I would have to give maximum marks to Porters Barbers! 10/10 

I would strongly recommend getting a hair cut and cut throat shave.  The only reason I never took my entire beard off was the fact I love having it and I would look 12 years old!! But if I was to go to ground 0 it would have been at Porters!   

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