23 Apr 2017

H&M Mini Festival Look

Festival season has arrived and lots of the popular stores have their products on show that cater for the less is more look and more is safe look.  I never truly understood the festival hype, until I attended one! To be honest it was the full moon party in Thailand and it was quite messed up in a good way.  Thinking of what I wore at the time is was definitely the less is more! But for the festivals in England we must be prepared for everything so H&M has lots to offer Men and Women!  I don't know much about the women's side but please if you are interested and you have a girlfriend to buy for check out Siana's website link below! All of what you see here was brought from my local Brixton H&M store with a 20% off in store at the time I purchased it so make sure if you are a bargain hunter then make sure you look around at the correct times.  

My favourite item in this look has to be the shirt (click to shop) price for the item is quite good £17.99 and the fit is really nice I brought it a little bigger so I had a little space to breath, but obviously buy what you see fit.  My idea was to use it as a kind of jacket for the time when the heat and the night are becoming one.    

The jeans are a little lighter then I'd usually wear but for some reason I was drawn to them.  The tears and rips are on trend and to be honest the fit was amazing.  The jeans are very versatile so think worth the price of £34.99. 

Have to say that the t-shirt was my second favourite item.  The cut is not simple, compared to plain every day look T-shirts that we tend to wear as men! This allows for the guys who have tattoos to show off their body art, which can only be a bonus!  Can't seem to find it online guys sorry about that! Should be in store think it was between £8.99 to £12.99. 

Over all a cost effective festival London look that takes into account the temperamental changes in temperature!!  

The Converse trainers were brought at Office shoes the rest of the items were all purchased at H&M.   

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