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24 May 2017

Food, Cocktails and Brick

Food, Cocktails and Brick

Brick & Liquor has a lot to offer; they are a neighbourhood bar and that is clear to be seen as the staff are really friendly and seem to know all their regulars. The cocktails are unique  and use homemade ingredients; and they have a delicious food menu which is ideal for sharing. But if you similar to me and tend not to share much then it's best to order your own and the fact it was delicious, my poor girlfriend didn't stand a chance for it to be 50/50.  More like 70/30...

8 May 2017

Passion, Presentation and Price

Passion, Presentation and Price when deciding a restaurant become key decision makers and I believe that I have found a place that ticks all boxes.  As foodies, we are all guilty of assuming that the best food experiences you can have would be in a capital city.  But in this case you would be wrong, as was I.  I mean I haven't been to all restaurants in London but I can safely say that Broadway Casino restaurant in Birmingham is in my opinion one of the best Italian food restaurants I have ever been and I have been to Rome and Milan.

4 May 2017

Just Eat Local Curry House and EE Combo

The night in with the girlfriend has become a tradition amongst most younger couples for a while now, trying to take Netflix and chill to another more accepted level.  I feel the fancy restaurants after a while of dating someone loose their importance within a relationship.  I'm not saying they are unimportant but on occasion I feel they hold more value.  I feel ordering in has become more acceptable (once you become "official") hate that term but I feel its the most appropriate.  The work and life balance I feel has become a constant battle and when the tiredness takes control this also takes a little of the stress out of date night.